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MIKE Painting Contractors
Professional Interior & Exterior Painting North-West Chicagoland Suburbs

Mike Painting Contractors provides specialized painting services all over the North-West Chicagoland suburbs. Our painting contractors have extensive expertise in the field including house brick painting, interior painting, and siding painting for various properties in the local area. We also perform spray painting on various surfaces to achieve sleek and precise results that last for a long period of time.

We have over 15 years of experience in the business, which makes us a trusted and widely known company in the neighborhood among other existing painting companies. Many residents have come to us, whom we have satisfied with our professional exterior painting for all homes big and small. Our house painters are fully dedicated to the work they perform and have a professional judgment that will not impede your personal choices. We are highly collaborative with approaching clients. As a result, we can showcase our expertise and make you happy.

Our Offer Includes a Wide Range of Professional Interior & Exterior Painting Services


Interior Painting

Our interior painting is available for all kinds of homes in various sizes and existing interior designs. We got expert painters in our roster that would surely give your room a vibrant and stunning finish that will last for years. We serve in the North-West Chicagoland suburbs. Call us today!


Exterior Painting

Fancy a fresh layer of paint for your home exterior? We got the right house painters perfect for the job! We do a precise job on whatever type of surface you have for your home. We work fast and have the complete set of tools with us at all times.


House Brick Painting

House painting can be tricky especially when your structure is made of bricks. It requires delicate and patient work, which we at Mike Painting Contractors can deliver without fail. Trust us to achieve a higher curb appeal for your home. For trusted painting services in the neighborhood, call our team!


Siding Painting

Opting for custom siding instead of pre-painted siding? No problem, our professional painting contractors are here for you. We got a generous array of beautiful colors to pick from. Make your choice and we will take care of the physical labor. Our siding painting service is top-notch. Don’t miss out!


Exterior House Paint

Exterior painting falls under our specialty. We have 15 years of background in the business to prove it. With a quick exterior house paint sesh for your home, your facade can look fresh and brand new without the costly charges. Reach out to our painters anytime to schedule the session.


Spray Painting

Spray painting requires a certain set of skills to get it right. At Mike Painting Contractors, we are confident with our expertise and have no issues doing various home painting services ranging from small to massive projects. Our seasoned painters perform every task with your satisfaction in mind. Call us!

Check Our Interior Painting & Exterior Painting Work

Trust Our Professional Interior Painters!

Home painting is an effective way of sprucing up your home while having fun along the way.  Suffice to say, it’s more than just maintenance work. Among other home improvements, interior painting is one of the easiest and most budget-friendly ways to massively spice up your living area. With an infinite range on the color palette and a plethora of sheens for longevity the ability to revamp and redefine your house interiors and walls is at your fingertips, giving each and every room a choice of colors to give a unique identity.

Getting professional painting contractors to do your interior painting will be the right way to go as they are highly qualified and legitimate, hence will complete the repainting job your way while maintaining the right amount of efficiency and meticulousness about it. They will also provide the pre-painting maintenance and repairs needed in case the surface in question is damaged or worn out. In this way, the durability of the interior painting is ensured. Overall, certified interior painters will ensure a job well done. Call us at Mike Painting Contractors for services in the North-West Chicagoland suburbs.

Testimonials of Our Services

It’s my first time hiring interior painters from Mike Painting Contractors. They are talented and professional. If you want a fair price and beautiful results, I recommend them! They serve North-West Chicagoland suburbs.
Scott Robinson
The painting contractors were courteous, prompt, and professional. Our interior painting looks great, and they left our home clean. If you’re in Nort-West Chicagoland and you need house painters, I would recommend Mike Painting Contractors.
Jonathan Lowery
The overall job exceeded my expectations. The painting contractors helped me decide on color hues, and I love the result of their work. I will hire them again for my siding painting next time.
William Jones