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MIKE Painting Contractors Northbrook
Provide Wide Range Of Professional Home Painting Services Northbrook

Mike Painting Contractors supplies custom painting work for the entire Northbrook area. Our experienced painting contractors deliver on countless properties in our area with professional house brick painting, interior painting, and siding painting. Spray painting is another one of our painting services we provide which can be applied to various surfaces to bring about detailed precision and long lasting appeal.

Customers in the Northbrook area know us and trust our work among other painting companies due to our extensive background having been in the field for more than 15 years. Local homeowners have chosen us and have been satisfied with the results based on our exterior painting jobs that we complete on homes of all sizes. We take your personal vision into account while our house painters make expert decisions on your behalf. By keeping our customers involved throughout the entire process we are able to achieve professional results that satisfy you first and foremost.

Our Company Offers a Wide Range
of Exterior & Interior Painting Northbrook Services


Interior Painting

Home painting, including both interior and exterior painting designs of all types, are our specialty. Our painting services Northbrook are known to be of expert quality giving you the dynamic, durable finish you are looking for that is long-lasting. Contact us now!


Exterior Painting

Have you thought about adding a fresh layer of paint to your home’s exterior? Our painting contractors Northbrook are the right ones to do the job. We are quick and precise in our practice. We keep a full set of tools with us on every job for any situation.


House Brick Painting

House painting can get tedious when your structure is made of bricks. The process requires delicacy and patience. These are two skills that our contractors provide without fail. Trust us to make your home have higher curb appeal. For professionals, you can trust, contact our company today!


Siding Painting

Are you making the decision to go with custom siding instead of pre-painted siding? No sweat, our expert painting contractors are available to help. Our selection hosts a wide variety of colors so make your choice and let us handle the hard stuff. Our siding painting Northbrook is renowned around the community. Don’t miss your chance!


Exterior House Paint

Exterior painting falls in the category of our specialty. We have been in this industry for 15 years with consistent success. A fast exterior house paint that gives you a successful project that doesn’t cost too much is what we pride ourselves on. Reach out to our painters Northbrook anytime to get your session booked.


Spray Painting

Spray painting requires a precise set of skills to perfect. With Mike Painting Contractors, you are hiring a confident expert that is capable of doing all types of jobs from small to large. Our seasoned professional painters Northbrook perform every task up to your taste. Contact us today!

Check Our Interior Painting & Exterior Painting Northbrook Work


Trust Our Professional Interior & Exterior Painters Northbrook!

Home painting can be a god sent for you and your family. Not only is this process enjoyable but it also improves your home’s look in a cost-effective way that allows you to get other things to work on around your home. Interior painting Northbrook projects offer a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from, making sure you can get just the right color you’re looking for. Painting companies Northbrook are great at seeing you through this process and ensuring that it is stress-free. These painting contractors Northbrook are highly skilled in many different job types and add a layer of protection for you being able to trust in someone who knows what they’re doing. interior painters Northbrook do repairs and maintenance on any problems you may have beforehand allowing you to skip this step in your process. Another added advantage of hiring interior painters Northbrook experts is the mindset of knowing that our agents are doing their job effectively. If durability is at the top of your priority list you have nothing to worry about as our contractors at Mike Painting Contractors put this as our main focus. To hear more contact us today.

What Are the Signs That Your Home Is In Need Of Our Interior Painters Northbrook?

How long it's been since you had your house interior painting Northbrook is a good indicator of how soon you'll want to have another painting done. The quality of the paint used and the experience level of the painters you choose are additional factors in how long your new paint job lasts. Paints have an average lifespan of five to eight years.
The passage of time and exposure to the environment cause paint to lose its luster. Professionally applied, high-quality paint is not excluded from this. The best way to revitalize the paint on your house is to contact professional painting companies Northbrook to give it a new coat.
The paint on your walls is cracking, which means it's time to repaint. Aside from being aesthetically unappealing, cracks in the paint might be a health hazard if the original paint contains lead. For advice on the finest paints to use, call our interior painters Northbrook from MIKE Painting immediately.

Why Our Expert Painters Northbrook Are The Best in the Area?

Quality Work
Mike painting contractors Northbrook consistently delivers quality work for our clients. Using our years of experience and expertise in the industry we specialize in producing quality house painting results.  
Detailed to Perfection
House painting or interior painting Northbrook service calls for a very detailed approach. Our house painters never miss a beat with your project paying attention to every detail to ensure perfection within your projects.
Our house painters Northbrook get your job done fast and efficiently by applying strategies that are tried and tested. Choosing our house painting Northbrook professionals means you will get fast turnaround times.  
With your high-quality exterior house paint Northbrook you will also get insurance to cover your project. We are certified and licensed in the house painting Northbrook industry for any job your situation calls for.   
We bring the best resources and materials to assist you in getting the results you desire. We understand the right tools that will get the job done and you get all this by just paying for the services.

Our Painting Contractors Northbrook Use a Range of Techniques to Ensure a Faultless Interior Painting Process

Surface prepping
One crucial step is preparing the walls to obtain a uniform surface. Prepping can be a challenging task, but the best painting contractors Northbrook has will perform it every time in order to achieve an exceptional finish. This step includes actions like sanding, patching, cleaning, filling holes and repairing cracks.

High-Quality Tools
Going cheap on tools like roller covers and brushes can have a significant impact on the overall look of your walls. Inferior-quality tools can leave traces of lint and other residue that will be visible over your wall surface once the paint dries. The painting companies Northbrook homeowners trust depend not only on the skills of their staff, but also on the right materials to ensure the quality of their job. 

Protecting Furniture, Hardware, and Floors
A flawless paint job demands equally flawless surroundings. Our interior painters Northbrook residents recommend always take the extra step to make sure your furniture and surfaces are properly covered and safe from splatter and spills. They also work carefully in order to avoid damaging your belongings.

Premium Paint
Cheap paint doesn’t have the texture and thickness required for the best house painting Northbrook market offers. That’s why we only go for tried and true brands that allow us to deliver the outcome our customers expect.

Our Painting Contractors Northbrook Always Make Sure You Get a Top-Notch Interior Painting Job

The perfect job of house painting Northbrook homeowners want starts with a flawless canvas. That’s why our professional contractors will go out of their way to achieve a perfect surface for your painting project. Regardless of the time it can take, repair efforts such as filling cracks and holes, scraping, and cleaning the area can make the difference when it comes to a spotless painting outcome. Cheap roller covers and brushes can ruin even the best paint application. They tend to leave behind lint and strands or cause marks on the surface. When the paint is dry, these imperfections can be visible. Our contractors make use of only the best tools for interior and exterior painting Northbrook market offers.

In order to achieve the spotless finish for interior painting Northbrook customers expect, our team of painters applies the paint with utter care. Because we understand the value of your belongings, we make sure your furniture and floors are covered to prevent spills and splatter. Cheap paint doesn’t have what it takes to achieve the quality of painting that the best painting contractors Northbrook has are committed to delivering. The high-quality paint we use has the right thickness for a smooth application, and the color durability that our customers expect.

Testimonials of Our Interior Painting Northbrook Services

This is the best experience we’ve had with painters Northbrook. These guys are knowledgeable professionals that take their time to get you the results you want in an efficient manner.
Robert Allen
To say the interior painting Northbrook job we had completed was good would be an understatement. They gave accurate quotes and suggested colors that fit perfectly with our home decor.
Tommy West
We gave a strict time frame for this interior painters job and not only did they reach this goal but the quality in which they provided was phenomenal.
Charles Howard