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MIKE Painting Contractors Palatine
Provide Wide Range Of Professional Home Painting Services Palatine

Here at Mike Painting Contractors we carry out painting services that meet the individual needs of our customers in the Palatine area. Hiring our painting contractors means you are getting more than just house painters. Much like other painting companies Palatine our agents serve as interior painters who also do exterior painting and house brick painting as well. Spray painting is another duty we perform well on many surface types for great results with lasting effect.

Our 15 years of experience is why our customers believe in us throughout the Palatine area among others. Customers continue to give their business to us based on the satisfaction our exterior painting Palatine has provided on homes of all sizes big or small. Through interior painting we strive to put our heart into every job and use our professional knowledge to enhance your vision and not paint over it. Our approach revolves around helping your projections become a reality. This allows us to continuously keep our customers joyful while displaying our skill all at once.

Our Company Offers a Wide Range
of Exterior & Interior Painting Palatine Services


Interior Painting

Our interior painters are great at working on homes of all sizes and existing interior designs. Our expert exterior and interior painting Palatine workers are sure to give your home a vibrant and durable finish that will last into the future. We serve the North-West Chicagoland. Call us today!


Exterior Painting

Looking for a fresh layer of paint for the exterior of your home? We are one of the premier painting companies Palatine for the job. Our professionals are precise on any surface presented to them. We work fast and always keep a full set of tools handy.


House Brick Painting

House painting can be a difficult process if you have a brick structure. You must use patience and delicate touch which is something we at Mike Painting Contractors Palatine deliver without fail. Trust us with your home. For a painting company, you can depend on call us today!


Siding Painting

Are you looking for custom siding painting instead of pre-painted siding? No problem, Our master painting contractors are here to help. We possess a wide range of beautiful color options to choose from. Choose your colors and we will take care of the labor. Our siding painting Palatine is top-notch. Book us now!


Exterior House Paint

Exterior painting is a key service that our contractors provide. We have been in the industry for 15 years to prove this. Finishing your exterior house paint quickly and giving you the results you want at a cost-effective rate is our duty. Reach out to our painting contractors Palatine and get your session booked.


Spray Painting

You need a certain set of skills to do spray painting properly. Our contractors at Mike Painting are confident with experience and are guaranteed to give you the result you want in any situation. Our seasoned painters Palatine take your job one step at a time with satisfaction at the forefront. Contact us!

Check Our Interior Painting & Exterior Painting Palatine Work


Trust Our Professional Interior & Exterior Painters Palatine!

Interior painting Palatine is always a good time and it comes with many advantages you should consider. There are many ways to get the most out of your structure but getting interior painters Palatine to work on your project gives you the cheapest way to do this. There is a litany of options to choose from when it comes to color pallets and sheen that add to the appeal of your home. For best results painting contractors Palatine can add valuable information about details of your project that can help you with the process. Legitimate painting companies Palatine do repairs and handle any other small hiccups that may arise during the procedure giving you a knowledge base that will prove to be beneficial going forward regarding future projects. They also give you a sense of peace knowing experienced painters Palatine will do your job in a way that you can be proud of. This avoids costly upgrades in the future as you get a more long lasting solution. To hear more about how to get Mike Painting Contractors to work for you, call us today and speak to one of our agents.

You Should Contact Our Painting Contractors Palatine
If You See These Signs

The length of time since your home was last painted might indicate if it needs to be repainted. In addition to the knowledge of the interior painters Palatine you choose and the quality of the paint they use, the durability of the paint job on your home also depends on their level of skill. Typically, paints will last between five and eight years.
Age and exposure to the weather cause paint to lose its former vibrancy over time. This does not prohibit the professional application of high-quality paints. When your home's paint becomes boring, the best way to breathe new life into it is to contact the professional painting company Palatine to repaint it.
Cracks in the paint of your house scream the need for repainting. Cracks in paint are unsightly, and if the paint used included lead, it might expose you and your family to lead poisoning. Ask our interior painters Palatine from MIKE Painting about the finest paint alternatives and get your house redone today!

Why Our Expert Painters Palatine Are The Best in the Area?

Quality Work
Mike painting contractors Palatine are the painting professionals you can trust to take good care of your property using our knowledge and superior craftsmanship.
Detailed to Perfection
We strive to achieve perfection with every house painting Palatine project we take on. Our exterior house paint professionals are no strangers to adding great detail to our projects which allows us to complete our exterior painting Palatine and interior painting Palatine projects with precision.
Efficiency is our middle name! Hiring our house painters Palatine ensures that you won’t waste time on anything that isn’t leading to a completed project.   
We also add a layer of protection for our customers by providing insurance they can take advantage of to achieve peace of mind while we work on your project. Our painters are licensed to work on any time of project you present to us.    
No matter how big or small the job is, our painting contractors Palatine will use the absolute best resources to get the job done. You don’t have to worry about the very expensive and high-powered equipment we use, just focus on getting the service you want.

How Can Our Painting Contractors Palatine Deliver an Unrivaled Painting Experience?

Surface prepping
Ensuring a smooth and even surface is a time-consuming step but it’s essential to achieve a picture-perfect finish. Before starting painting, the interior painters Palatine homeowners recommend take their time to prepare your walls adequately. They can perform tasks such as scraping, sanding, patching, cleaning, filling holes and repairing cracks.

High-Quality Tools
Poor-quality materials can have a negative impact on the final look of your walls. Lint and hair from bad roller covers and brushes can get stuck in the paint and leave bumps, marks and streaks on the surface when it gets dry. The most renown painting companies Palatine has won’t go cheap on the tools and equipment that their staff need in order to ensure the quality of their work. 

Protecting Furniture, Hardware, and Floors
In order to achieve the flawless house painting Palatine residents want, our painters make sure all the furniture and surfaces are adequately covered and safe from splatter and spills. Our staff is always committed to work meticulously in order to avoid damaging your belongings.

Premium Paint
Experience has taught us that low-cost paint doesn’t have the solids and thickness required to achieve smooth and full coverage. By exclusively using high-quality products, we guarantee the exterior and interior painting Palatine households need.

Our Painting Contractors Palatine Always Make Sure You Get a Top-Notch Interior Painting Job

The professionals from the best painting companies Palatine has always make sure that the wall surface is adequate before applying paint. Even though it can take some time, this is a way to ensure that the paint application will be smooth and successful. Some repairs that can impact the outcome of the painting job are scraping, filling holes and cracks, and cleaning. Using brushes and roll covers of cheap manufacture can leave a messy outcome. Lint and other residues can cause bumps and other defects on the surface of your walls. The professional house painters Palatine residents recommend carry high-quality materials for a smooth and even surface.

We have the most meticulous interior painters Palatine has to offer, who work carefully to prevent spills and splatter to your property. Our painters will cover your furniture, floors and other belongings to make sure it remains intact, and that they deliver a flawless painting job. Unlike the cheapest paint options in the market, our paint has the right components to achieve the coverage for the superior house painting Palatine homeowners expect. Low-cost paints tend to be thin and require more coats for an acceptable finish. Our painters look for well-known brands that guarantee a perfect application and color durability.

Testimonials of Our Interior Painting Palatine Services

These painters Palatine worked with us on our budget and kept everything within the price we were willing to pay. The results after everything was done were stunning and fast.
Reece Wilkinson
We hire this company whenever we need interior painting Palatine done correctly. They are always very quick to respond with a great solution that we all can agree with.
Zachary Doyle
The interior painters Palatine we received really came in and turned our project around. They gave us peace of mind that everything would be done the right way.
Lamar Thomas