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MIKE Painting Contractors Arlington Heights
Provide Wide Range Of Professional Home Painting Services Arlington Heights

Mike Painting Contractors is viewed as one of the top custom painting companies in Arlington Heights. We offer a wide variety of different painting services that include interior painting, exterior painting, and house brick painting. If you need spray painting our painting contractors Arlington Heights have you covered as well. Our interior painters imploy a style that can be used on a number of different surface options to give you an elegant look that withstands the test of time.

With over 15 years of experience, our house painters have gained loyalty from our customers because of their excellence exhibited for every client. Many customers marvel at our exterior painting Arlington Heights which can be seen throughout the neighborhoods in Arlington heights. We truly love what we do and we want you to love it to so we encourage customer input to maintain great satisfaction consistently. This results in great-looking jobs that are done to your standards.

Our Company Offers a Wide Range
of Exterior & Interior Painting Arlington Heights Services


Interior Painting

Our interior painting Arlington Heights services are available for all kinds of homes in many different sizes and existing interior designs. We provide experienced painters that are experts at giving your room a durable and appealing finish that will last for years. Contact us today!


Exterior Painting

Looking for a new layer of paint for your home exterior? We have the right exterior painters for the job! Our painting contractors Arlington Heights are experts that do precise work no matter the surface type. We work fast and have all the tools at our disposal at all times.


House Brick Painting

House painting can get tricky when your home is made of bricks. It is a delicate process that requires patience and this is something we deliver consistently. Trust us to give your home an amazing look. For amazing results in house brick painting Arlington Heights contact us today!


Siding Painting

Choosing custom siding instead of pre-painted siding? No problem, our painting contractors are here to help. We provide a wide variety of great color choices. Decide what color you want and let us do the physical work. Don't miss out on our amazing siding painting Arlington Heights.


Exterior House Paint

Exterior painting is our specialty. Our background goes back 15 years in the industry. We complete fast exterior house paint Arlington Heights for your home to allow your exterior to look like new without breaking the bank. Call our painters today and schedule a session at your leisure.


Spray Painting

Spray painting Arlington Heights requires a particular set of skills to master. At Mike Painting Contractors, we are experienced at doing various home painting services on homes of all sizes. Our experts complete every task to your satisfaction. Contact us today.

Check Our Interior Painting & Exterior Painting Arlington Heights Work


Trust Our Professional Interior
& Exterior Painters Arlington Heights!

Home painting is a great way to increase the value of your home and it can be a very fun process. However, this is bigger than your average maintenance job. While there are other enjoyable ways to do this, interior painting Arlington Heights is known as the cheapest and most simplistic way of upgrading your living space. The options are endless when you think of colors as well as sheens at your disposal, which can provide long-lasting results and flexibility to add your own identity to your home. Hiring professional painting contractors
Arlington Heights is a great way to get the most out of your project because they have the experience necessary to turn your vision into a reality using proven methods. Another reason for consulting our expert painters Arlington Heights is their maintenance process that takes care of pre-painting procedures and maintenance. This guarantees you get a solution that lasts into the future from interior painters Arlington Heights that are experts in the craft allowing you to rest assured that the results are done up to professional standards with your satisfaction in mind. Contact Mike Painting Contractors Arlington Heights for more information.

When You See These Signs You Should Hire Our Interior Painters Arlington Heights

If your home hasn't been painted in a while, it might indicate if you need to get it redone or not. The longevity of your house brick painting Arlington Heights is also influenced by the skill of the interior painters you select and the grade of paint they use. Paints typically last between five and eight years.
Paint eventually loses its previous vibrancy as a result of aging and environmental factors. This does not exclude well-applied, premium paints. The easiest way to revive the drab paint on your house is to engage professional painting contractors Arlington Heights to repaint it.
The paint of your house should be repainted if there are cracks in it. Paint cracks not only look bad, but if the paint used included lead, they might kill you and your family. Request the finest paint selections from our knowledgeable interior painters in Arlington Heights from MIKE Painting now and have your house painted!

Why Our Expert Painters Arlington Heights Are The Best in the Area?

Quality Work
Mike painting contractors Arlington Heights have years of experience in the industry delivering durable results for our customers. When it comes to house painting Arlington Heights area our agents are knowledgeable in all aspects of the job.
Detailed to Perfection
Details are very important when it comes to interior painting and this is why you should only choose our expert painters Arlington Heights area. Our painting contractors take a meticulous approach to all the projects making hiring professionals an easy decision.
Choosing our exterior painting Arlington Heights experts means you are getting the most for your money as our professionals deliver quality projects in short time periods. Our exterior house paint Arlington Heights agents are committed to delivering amazing results for homeowners.
Other than just receiving the best results money can buy we also provide insurance for our projects just in case there are any problems when we are done or if you need a touch-up in the future. Our house painting Arlington Heights agents are here to walk you through the entire process from start to finish.   
Our painters Arlington Heights crew only implements the very best materials available to complete your jobs. You don’t have to worry about anything.

How Do Our Painting Contractors Arlington Heights Ensure That the Painting Process Is Faultless?

Surface prepping
Aside from the paint job itself, getting the walls and other surfaces ready is the most important and demanding task. The painting contractors Arlington Heights residents trust will make sure the surfaces are properly prepared and smooth for a perfect finish. Prepping involves scraping, sanding, patching, cleaning, filling holes and repairing cracks. 

High-Quality Tools
Cheap roller covers tend to leave impressions and debris behind, which can be visible in the shape of bumps and roughness once the paint is dry. Low-quality brushes can have the same effect on your walls, that’s why the most respected painting companies Arlington Heights has, make sure to provide their staff use only the best materials. 

Protecting Furniture, Hardware, and Floors
The flawless interior painting Arlington Heights customers expect involves not only the surface to paint, but also the integrity of its surroundings. In order to avoid paint splatter and spills, our contractors cover all the furniture and surfaces that are not supposed to be painted. 

Premium Paint
Cheap paint lacks solids and has a more diluted consistency, which alters its coverage and finish. In order to achieve a smooth and even surface, we only make use of the most renown brands for house painting Arlington Heights market offers.

Our Painting Contractors Arlington Heights Always Make Sure You Get a Top-Notch Interior Painting Job

Every reliable job of house painting Arlington Heights customers expect starts by getting the walls ready. Even though this step can take a considerable amount of time, it is essential for a successful outcome. To ensure a perfect finish, professional contractors make necessary repairs, such as scraping and filling holes and cracks, in order to leave a smooth and even surface. Cheap roller covers tend to leave marks and residue that can remain visible on the surface, causing imperfections after drying. In a similar fashion, low-quality brushes can leave streaks and marks on the surface. Our expert contractors choose only the best tools on the market, making us one of the most reliable painting companies Arlington Heights has.

Splatter and spills are not part of a quality painting job. Our expert contractors work meticulously to provide the safe and professional experience in interior painting Arlington Heights homeowners deserve. We take our time to cover all the features in your home that shouldn’t get any paint. Low-priced paints don’t have the components required for good coverage and a smooth finish. Our reliable painting contractors Arlington Heights residents recommend only use high-quality paint to ensure the flawless outcome you’re looking for.

Testimonials of Our Interior Painting Arlington Heights Services

We are happy about the results this company provided for us. Not only were our painters Arlington Heights friendly, but they also worked efficiently to give us a quality solution.
Dylan Reynolds
These interior painters Arlington Heights were perfect! You can tell customer service is a key priority of this company because they listened to our problems and were able to solve them.
Jonathan Parker
Thought about doing our interior painting Arlington Heights ourselves but after talking to their professional contractors we knew they would be the best painting company best for the job.
Roman Johns